Controlling Differentiation of Myeloid Populations with Greater Precision

9:00 am Balancing GM-CSF Action in Tumour Myeloid Directed Immune Therapy

  • Yifan Zhan Vice President for New Drug Research and Development , Huabo Biopharm


  • GM-CSF as a single cytokine regulates many types of myeloid cells
  • GM-CSF has pro- and anti-tumour immunological action
  • An Intrinsic regulator of GM-CSF signaling acts a rheostat controlling macrophage polarization

Driving Proliferation of Tumor Infiltrating Myeloid Cells

9:30 am Inflammasome- & Gasdermin D-Independent IL-1β Production Mobilizes Neutrophils to Inhibit Antitumor Immunity


  • IL-1β is produced tumor-infiltrating myeloid cells and installs an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment
  • The absence of IL-1β abolishes the presence of PMN-MDSC and increases anti-tumor T-cell immunity through immunostimulatory macrophages
  • The intratumoral production of IL-1β is independent of conventional pathways, such as inflammasome activation and gasdermin D-mediated release

10:00 am Virtual Networking Break

Emerging Therapeutics that Harness Tumor Resident Myeloid Populations & the Tumor Microenvironment

10:30 am Antagonist Antibodies Targeting LAIR1 Promote Inflammatory Phenotypes In Myeloid Cells & Activate Lymphocytes

  • Tao Huang Director, Preclinical Development, Immune-Onc Therapeutics, Inc.


  • LAIR1 is an inhibitory receptor for the immune system
  • LAIR1 is highly expressed in monocytes/macrophages, and in many
    macrophage-infiltrated tumors
  • Explore how LAIR1 antagonist antibody decreases collagen-mediated
    immunosuppressive phenotype of myeloid cells and induces proinflammatory
    cytokine release and lymphocyte activation

11:00 am Modulation of Macrophage Pro-Tumor Functions in The Clinic


  • Origins of MDSCs from hematopoietic progenitors
  • Macrophages & response to checkpoint blockade
  • Building better combination therapies by leveraging clinical & preclinical data

11:30 am Virtual Networking Break

1:00 pm Development of CAR Macrophages & CAR Monocytes for Solid Tumor Immunotherapy

  • Michael Klichinsky Co Founder & Vice President - Discovery Research, Carisma Therapeutics


  • Challenges cell therapies face in the TME
  • Overview of the CAR-M platform
  • Carisma’s advances in development of CAR-M and CAR-Mono for solid tumors

1:30 pm Activity of the Novel Bispecific CD47-CD19 Antibody, TG-1801, In Preclinical Models of B-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

  • Gael Roue Head of the Lymphoma Translational Research Group , Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute


  • TG-1801 is a novel bispecific antibody specifically targeting CD47 in CD19+ cells.
  • TG-1801 facilitates CD20-mediated ADCC and ADCP in in vivo and in vitro models of Burkitt lymphoma by promoting the infiltration of effector cells (NK and macrophages)
  • Phase 1 is ongoing in histologically confirmed B-cell lymphoma relapsed or refractory to prior standard therapy

2:00 pm Virtual Networking Break

3:00 pm Novel Immune Populations in solid Cancers

  • Alex Swarbrick Head of Laboratory , Garvan Institute of Medical Research


  • Alongside work in growing our understanding of cancer associated fibroblasts, our lab has used advanced single cell and spatial transcriptomics to investigate novel immune cell populations in cancer, including unique myeloid subsets
  • Hear the story of this discovery and what it could mean for drug developers targeting solid cancers

3:30 pm TME Targeting Combination Strategies with SQZ PBMC-based Cancer Vaccine


  • PBMC-based cancer vaccines produced with microfluidic cell engineering system (Cell Squeeze) which facilitates direct cytosolic antigen delivery generates a potent antigen specific anti-tumor T cell response
  • Combination with biologics that enable targeting to tumor-associated stroma or immune cells can synergize with the PBMC-based cancer vaccine in mouse tumor models
  • Additional strategies for how to enhance anti-tumor response by various TME targeting strategies will be discussed

4:00 pm Panel Discussion: What Role Will Myeloid Cell Biology & Therapeutics Play in Future Oncology Portfolios?


  • Discuss an array of therapeutic modalities and ask, which is most likely to yield the most promising results in the next 12 months?
  • Figure out where the myeloid field will focus it’s energy most, which targets are grabbing the most attention?

4:45 pm End of Conference


This meeting gave a fresh and extensive update on what’s going on in the field and the opportunity to establish new networks and consolidate established ones Past This meeting gave a fresh and extensive update on what’s going on in the field and the opportunity to establish new networks and consolidate established ones Past Attendee from the Cell & Viral Immunotherapy Series, MolMed S.p.AAttendee from the Cell & Viral Immunotherapy Series, MolMed S.p.A