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Beyond Macrophages: Exploring Myeloid Diversity

With myeloid cells being the most abundant cell type within the tumor microenvironment, the promise of targeting these cells to modulate immunosuppressive phenotypes is becoming increasingly apparent. Clinical readouts, progress in engineered myeloid cell therapies and the discovery of novel myeloid-specific targets are growing excitement, however questions remain in translation, safety and combination rationale of these therapies.

This year the 4th Tumour Myeloid Targeting Therapies Summit has brought together experts across multiple myeloid subsets as well as specific talks on interactions within the TME to offer the audience a well-rounded overview of the landscape currently and steps need for it to move forward.

With a brand new speaker faculty to share insights across a range of myeloid targets, the one-stop shop continues to be your go-to forum to accelerate myeloid therapy progression by determining optimal combination strategies, optimizing translational studies, discovering novel targets, and guarantee patient safety.



Develop strategies to comprehensively understand and unravel the intricate dynamics within the tumor microenvironment. This involves deciphering the complex interactions between tumor cells, stromal cells, immune cells, and extracellular matrix components with thought leaders including Miriam Merad, and others from the likes of Imperial College London, Actym Therapeutics and more!

Uncover novel and specific targets within myeloid cells to enhance the precision and efficacy of therapeutic interventions. Overcome the heterogeneity of myeloid populations and discover unique markers or signaling pathways in crucial sessions with HiFiBio Therapeutics and ImmunOs Therapeutics.

Address the complexities associated with combining different therapeutic modalities targeting myeloid cells. Overcome issues such as potential antagonistic effects, optimal sequencing, and managing potential toxicities with TME Pharma and Bolt Biotherapeutics

Improve the translational success of myeloid cell therapies from preclinical models to clinical applications. Bridging the gap between experimental efficacy and clinical outcomes requires a deep understanding of the factors influencing translatability. Learn from key opinion leaders in the space such as Miriam Merad, Associate Director from Novartis, Director from Gilead Sciences and Surgeon and Assistant Professor from
University of Miama.

Develop strategies to effectively target the diverse myeloid cell subsets present in the TME. Overcoming the plasticity and functional heterogeneity of myeloid cells requires a nuanced approach, as explored by established Surgeons and Professors from Imperial College London and the University of Miami.

Who You Will Meet:

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What Your Peers Have to Say:

“ Great set of speakers. Various topics from early discovery to clinical data, small molecules, biologics, cell therapies
DEM Biopharma

“ The quality of the speakers and the array of topics covered was great. I also preferred the smaller size - this enabled insightful conversation
Gilead Sciences

“ The small personal nature of the meeting allows for quality time and opportunity to interact, ask questions, brainstorm ideas and network with key people in the field tackling similar if not same challenges in developing myeloid therapies for cancer
iOmx Tx