Judith Varner

Judith Varner

Company: University of California San Diego

Job title: Professor of Pathology


Panel Discussion: Discussing Future Directions in Myeloid-Directed Therapy Development 10:30 am

• Acknowledging the limitations of current therapies and the role of the myeloid compartment • Examining roadblocks to development of myeloid-directed therapy to-date • Charting future developments in myeloid therapies and discussing the emerging treatment landscape for myeloid therapies • Considering where will the greatest therapeutic benefit of myeloid-directed therapy be realizedRead more

day: Day Two

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Engineering Myeloid Cells to Find, Recognize, & Penetrate Tumors, & Prime the Immune System to Enforce an Anti-Tumor Response 8:00 am

• Discussing why myeloid cells are an attractive therapeutic target in solid and hematological conditions, with their frequent migration into solid tumors, bone marrow, and inflammation sites • Directing phagocytic properties of myeloid cells to recognize and engulf cancer cells • Bridging innate and adaptive immunity to elicit a comprehensive anti-tumor response • Empowering myeloid…Read more

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