Charlene Liao

Charlene Liao

Company: Immune-Onc Therapeutics

Job title: CEO


Sharing Concept-to-Clinic Development of Myeloid Checkpoint Inhibitors 9:30 am

Reprogramming myeloid cells with myeloid checkpoint inhibitor antibodies to diminish inhibitory signals and halt the immune suppressive activity of myeloid cells in solid tumors Outlining the impact of checkpoint inhibition on multiple myeloid cell subsets, including dendritic cells, tumor-associated macrophages, monocytes, and neutrophils Demonstrating the specific and non-redundant role of LILRB myeloid checkpointsRead more

day: Day One

Panel Discussion: Discussing Future Directions in Myeloid-Directed Therapy Development 10:30 am

• Acknowledging the limitations of current therapies and the role of the myeloid compartment • Examining roadblocks to development of myeloid-directed therapy to-date • Charting future developments in myeloid therapies and discussing the emerging treatment landscape for myeloid therapies • Considering where will the greatest therapeutic benefit of myeloid-directed therapy be realizedRead more

day: Day Two

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