Sharing Preclinical Studies of Myeloid Repolarization to & Recruiting Adaptive Immunity & Orchestrate Comprehensive Anti- Tumor Mechanisms

Time: 11:30 am
day: Day One


• Discussing which platforms and techniques bear translational relevance to the tumor myeloid microenvironment, and strategies to recapitulate in vivo dynamics

• Studying chemotaxis and migration of myeloid cells and how this correlates with repolarization

• Examining the cytokines and chemokines involved in, and modulated by, myeloid biology and how they orchestrate myeloid cell repolarization and migration

• Enhancing myeloid cell response to recruit additional T cells, increase antigen presentation, to bridge the innate and adaptive immune systems, and modulate vasculature to drive T cell infiltration

• Outlining therapeutic strategies to prevent further repolarization and transformation of macrophages