Modulating Myeloid Cell Functionality via the SIRPa-CD47 axis and Novel CLEC1 Checkpoints to Bridge the Adaptive and Innate Immune Systems

Time: 12:30 pm
day: Day Two


• Examining mechanisms identified in preclinical investigations to enhance myeloid cells and promote antigen presentation to bridge the innate and adaptive immune systems

• Discussing how the SIRPa-CD47 axis stimulates Macrophages to recruit the adaptive immune arm via chemoattraction, and inhibition of this pathway may avoid T cell exclusion

• Sharing preclinical workflows to identify and validate CLEC1 as a novel checkpoint to regulate the antigen cross-presentation properties of dendritic cells

• Discussing early signs of clinical efficacy, identifying differentiated myeloid immune checkpoints, and discussing the importance of combination approaches for myeloid-directed therapies