Workshop A: CD47 Targeting for MDSC Population Modulation

9:00 - 12:00 EST | 6:00 - 9.00 PST

CD47 is arguably the most explored myeloid target, there is a wealth of data available to researchers and this workshop will provide a platform to review the available data on targeting CD-47 and the role it plays within the tumor microenvironment. As well as assess the potential strengths and weaknesses of a therapeutic targeting the CD47-SIRPα signaling pathway in anti-cancer therapy. As well as discuss potential challenges that will be faced in drug development focused on targeting CD47.. This workshop will take a deep dive into through presentations and interactive Q&As with leading researchers in the space.

Workshop Leaders:

Kaiming Ye
Naval Daver

Kaiming Ye
Professor and Chair Department of Biomedical Engineering, Director, Center of Biomanufacturing for Regenerative Medicine
Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science

Naval Daver
Assistant Professor
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Workshop B: Targeting Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts and the Fibrotic Tumor Stroma

13:00 – 16:00 | 10.00 - 13.00

This workshop has been established to give drug developers insight into the Cancer Associated Fibroblast phenotype, review the biological principles behind cancer fibrosis, including topics like understanding Cross-talk between CAF with both cancer and immune cells with the tumor microenvironment,and highlight current therapeutic approaches
targeting CAFs.

Therapeutically targeting CAFs has the potential to eliminate or convert them to an immunostimulatory state has emerged as a new and complementary strategy in the suite of cancer immunotherapy approaches.

Workshop Leaders:

Untitled design (7)
Alex S

Peter P. Lee
Billy Wilder Endowed Professor Chair, Dept. of Immuno-Oncology
City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center Beckman Center

Alex Swarbrick
Associate Professor
Garvan Institute