Welcome to Tumor Myeloid Microenvironment Directed Therapeutics Summit

Running digitally for 2021, the Tumor Myeloid Microenvironment Directed Therapeutics Summit is the only industry-focused meeting dedicated to improving patient response rates to immunotherapy.  

Join this exclusive myeloid community online to network and learn from the leading experts in pharma, biotech and academia, as we discuss how to successfully and safely harness the clinical benefit of myeloid populations for oncological indications and beyond. Whether this be through modulation differentiation, activation, reprogramming, survival, recruitment or proliferation. The comprehensive coverage of targets and therapeutic modalities alike will provide insights that you will be able to take away and apply to your current research. 

Navigate across 3 days packed with dedicated, interactive formats exploring the last 12 months of progress in myeloid research, including a workshops for those looking to take a deep dive into the relationship and communication between CD47 and the Tumor Microenvironment and Cancer Associated Fibroblasts and the Immune System 

Expert Speakers Include

Daniel Getts

Chief Executive Officer

Myeloid Therapeutics

Michael Klichinsky

Co Founder & Vice President - Discovery Research

Carisma Therapeutics

Peter Ellmark

Principal Scientist & Vice President - Discovery

Alligator Bioscience AB

Victoria Smith

Chief Scientific Officer

Amphivena Therapeutics Inc.

Gael Roue

Head of the Lymphoma Translational Research Group

Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute

Jessica Haverkamp

Senior Scientist

Merck & Co

Lisa Coussens

Associate Director for Basic Research, Knight Cancer Institute

Oregon Health & Science University

Tatiana Novobrantseva

Chief Scientific Officer, Co-founder & Head of Research & Development

Verseau Therapeutics